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Ronan's report

Friday January 18th, 2008

So why is it really my least favorite? I have no idea. Who came up with this stupid topic anyway?

(Matt, Yesterday FP)

Yes mate Matt, on the first view it might looks like stupid topic, on the second view it might be not so stupid, maybe more like a pretty stupid, say exactly like a decent SheepGirl. Decent SheepGirl must be pretty AND stupid, what makes her perfect! So, from one not so clever, we can make perfect topic in a second! Fallowing it, I would like to speak about two of my least favorite flies, what's making this topic even more stupid! Oops, sorry, I mean more perfect. So, first of them is that one before the least one, and another is the least after the last one. (Is that right meaning of famous English moral “last but not least?)

Woolly Bugger ,The Last one favorite fly ( in General )

If somebody ask me: “ OK dude, as from Today you can do the FF with only one fly, one pattern, one size and in one color, and you have one second to decide … “ - I will tell 'im before the first half of that bloody second even goes away in the past and for ever:
“OK, that's Woolly B. in black color, hook size #6. All marabou, with black hen hackle tied as legs, with fresh blood red, transparent colored eyes, and some primitive tied copper ribs.“

Even before you manage to ask me why ,in a second half of the same second I will tell Ya why:
It is the most universal, versatile fly I ever fished with.
Easy tying even from Paul's and my point of view.
It imitates fish food in almost every waters: Salt and Fresh, Surf, Blue Water or Estuaries, Still or Fast & Broken Fresh currents.
One can catch ten inches Trout, one kg Chub or Asp, two kg Yellow, then three and half kg Yellow if he is lucky and on the right spot (using CDC flies of course ), four kg Bass, five kg Bone fish, six kg NZ Trout, eight kg Steelhead, eight and half kg Stripped Bass, nine kg Pike, nine and half kg Africans Cat Fish, ten kg Carp, fifteen kg Dorado, twenty five kg King Fish, forty kg Taimen, eighty kg Marlin, 90 kg Tarpon or 100 kg River Danube Cat Fish.

So, guaranteed fish interest , easy maintained strike and catch from 500 grams to 100 kg (one to 200 lbs) fish whenever ,wherever and whatsoever on the World, from NZ to Iceland, from Australia via Africa to Moldavia, and from China and Mongolia to USA and Albania.
(Honestly, I don't know about Albania, by all current and past knowledge this is the only country on the entire World without any local Fly Fisherman, Fly Fishing History or FF culture)

More, you only need three rods: #6 ,#9 and #12 to have comfortable and pleasant casting and fishing in all these fishing conditions!
One fly, three rods, one bag, one vaist coat,lots of SheepGirls and nice waters ,that's it ,the Wooly Bugger in The Last Favorite Fly World.

Loop Winged CDC ,The Least one Favorite Fly in #5 World

If we speak in narrower sense, only about #5 weight Trout fishing and similar kind of light fishing, then we are speaking about Loop Winged CDC fly as the Least Favorite Fly. OK, lets skip the intro, you know, that half second, another half of second and such a sh…it, you can read it anyway in the first part of this text, I can tell Ya right now:
It can float in a fully on water surface, it can float only with looped wings, rest of the fly in the water film, it can submerged and than emerged by its self, thanks to the captured air in CDC feather, to the surface, it can dive like a really nymph, tremendously trembling its looped CDC wing attracting hungry fish. Namely, whenever you strip your line, CDC fly want to stay in the place, simply because huge amount of air captured in the fly body. Result of pulling the fly is that lively shaking of looped wing.
More, in all of noted waters area, surface, film, and deep, this magnificent fly is able for changes all the time: showing different shapes of the body depending which part is in and which part is out of the water.
On such a way, different parts of the fly represent a different “triggers “ to the fish, meaning one can cover all water body with only one fly.

So, what do you think? Stupid choice, I mean, perfect enough?
Anyway, it should be fair enough at least.


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