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Ronan's report

Monday 23rd April, 2012

This week I am back at work (boo) but planning my next trip! The boss wasn't too chuffed about the week away after two weeks in the new job but hey ho..

Stoats and I will be fishing our way north to the annual Sexyloops' meet in Scotland. I'm looking forward to it, if its half as good as the last Bosnia trip we're gonna have a ball! It'll be great to meet some of the board members that I have yet to meet in person too. So this week I'll be tying more flies, apparently the 994 I have left from NZ are too big and ugly. So out with the beer and the sz18's and get too it. Stoats kindly disclosed some of his secret North Country flies to me tonight and I am quite excited to see his "propeller dry" in action. "The wing is wing" he says, he goes on to mention "they're really hard to tie"! I suggested that they might make quite the humming sound as they rifle back and forth and suggested 10kg fluro to minimise the twists in the tippet..

Looks like I might have left it a bit late to book a room in the hotel as I may have to share a room with Stoats and Victor. I'm a bit put off by what Mum has warned "old man farts" that are apparently accompanied by moaning and sometimes swearing... she would know... my dad's an ol' fella! (Just kidding guys, please don't kill me in my sleep)

As long as they don't use them on the river as Ray described in his I-FART FP from Friday we'll be good! Chemical warfare on the northern rivers will be frowned upon much like swinging streamers.


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