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Ronan's report

Wednesday November 1st, 2006
Versión en español

I've identified four stages a fly-caster passes through in his life:

1- Curiosity
2- Interest
3- Action
4- Commitment

In the course on Saturday there will be several participants already in the fourth stage.
Fly-casters committed to reaching the maximum level their innate skills allow them to. That is one of the main objectives of the PAIL and the CNL: establish guidelines and mechanisms so that a fly-caster knows how and what to commit himself to and help him achieve those goals.

In Atapuerca there will also be participants that simply have interest in ascertaining why on earth fly-casting is raising so much expectation with more and more followers every year spending their time and money on it.
I believe they are going to get a very clear idea in Atapuerca.

This course, like all the others, is a great opportunity to move on to the following stage.
Regardless of the one we are in right now. To establish a commitment to ourselves or simply to move on to the action stage and to make fly-casting become part of all the things we do for fun. Those things we always do whenever we have a chance.

I only hope the weather will not be too bad. Although we're well aware that wind really originates in that area of Spain we feel confident that Eolo won't let us know too aggressively.

I'll see you there.

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