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Ronan's report

Sunday January 13th, 2008

Sometimes things just work out. Chris, Ronan and Tonio swung by the scout hall the other day and we managed to not get too pissed to fish the next morning. We woke up to a perfect day and headed up a local stream to see what was happening. We'd heard that water was dropping fast and water temperature was going the other way, so we didn't hope for too much. We started on some backwaters that are known to hold a few spooky fish now and then, and Chris hooked up within about five minutes of leaving the truck. Things were off to a good start.

Chris nailed this nice fish right off the bat. Then the ducks attacked.

Three of us worked our way around the edge and Ronan went off somewhere out of sight. A regular feature up there is Paradise Ducks. These things are really noisy pests when you're stalking spooky trout, and the ones here were being particularly disruptive. A hen and young ducks were flapping and splashing all over the place right where we saw a nice fish, so we reckoned that backwater was buggered. These guys are all great anglers but this was hopeless. Then, right where these critters were raising the most ruckus, Tonio hooks a fish. Within a couple of minutes two more fish swam down past Chris and me, but not spooked, just cruising, as if they couldn't see the ducks and commotion going on.

Weirder still, the hen duck came down our way as well, and began cavorting all over the surface, right on top of the fish we wee stalking. They just cruised around oblivious to the duck, and more importantly, to us. I finally stood up in full view and chucked a small dry with a suspended nymph ahead of one of them. Maybe twenty feet from me. He just swam over and ate it. This is all within ten feet of a rampaging paradise duck.

Then Tonio shouts he's into another fish! We all run over and help him net that one and try to figure out why these fish are acting so strange. This is open, shallow water where they can see everything. We figured it was specifically because the ducks were splashing all over the pond that they trout didn't care. They just weren't spooked by movement. The ducks were serving as perfect movement decoys or cover for us.

One more little bit of fishing data to store for future reference. Chris and I wondered is there's ever going to be a way to download all this shit, you know, before we bite the big one.


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