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Ronan's report

Saturday August 10th 2013

I'm rather excited! Not next week, but the week after that, I'm picking up a kayak. A genuine, dedicated fishing kayak - made in Denmark, of course :-).

I came into to contact with the designer and company owner, Henrik R¿nnest, at the Danish Fly Festival, and there were so many things about his particular design that I liked.

I was kindly offered a test ride and I was sold immediately. I've really wanted a kayak for many years, and this kayak was just right for me. There are so many locations where I want to drop in the kayak and learn more. For instance, I've been fishing the coasts around Aarhus where I live for about 20 years, and of course I feel as if I know almost every inch. That is of course not true and if it was, it would only be true for the first say 10 or 15 meters.

Getting in the kayak and learning about the next 15 meters on my favorite spots will change the way I fish, I'm sure. From shore as well as from the kayak, obviously. And also accessing the spots that require long walks will be easier. If you have four hours on your hand, you're not going to spend one hour getting to a certain spot to fish two hours and then spend the last hour walking back. That one hour walk is now maybe a 20 minute kayak trip.

There are a few very important differences from the float tube. You can go further, much faster - that's one important feature. Second, there's no inflating, deflating, packing down etc. My kayak stores stores the paddle in the cargo hold and weighs less than 30kg. That means I bring it out from the back yard, lift onto the car roof, strap in down and I'm gone. The same when I get back - in reverse order.

I've also bought a drogue, since Paul told me that a kayak drogue up really well. I've used a small, home made drogue in my float tube of several occasions, but in the tube they don't make as much sense since you always have your feet to make corrections. Still, a drogue is useable int e tube - I digress.

I'm going to begin with a kayak, a paddle and a life vest and then we'll see what other needs arise as I go along - several, no doubt :-).

I have plenty of waterproof bags and sacks as well as a boat bag I use in the tube, so I'm well equipped on the bag department (big surprise to all of you, I'm sure :-).

Once I'm done getting all excited about the kayak, I'll be back at the vice tying flies for my upcoming Scotland salmon fishing expedition next month.

Have a great weekend!


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