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Ronan's report

Monday, 1st June 2009

It's been a bit of a cold snap here in Hungary for the past week or so. And wet - which hasn't been good for the river Asping on the Drava, in fact the Drava has been high since the beginning of the Asp season. Daytime temperatures have plummeted and I think we had a high of 14 degrees a couple of days ago, which feels bloody cold after the 29-31 degree days we'd been having leading up to this. Next week looks better but still only low to mid 20s.

And that was the weather report.

I've been on FP duty all weekend, what with Lars having a baby Viking and Sean disappearing off to America in search of dubbing. This and next week I'm in Budapest. Hopefully the Danube is clearer than the Drava! If not I'll be fishing the Ipoly and Balaton which means lots of driving. And I have to make an emergency trip to a tackleshop in Budapest to stock up on replacement flytying materials!

The EFTTEX is in Budapest soon. I'll be there for the Friday at least. Tonio Tonio is over from France. Sage and Vosseler are in town. Should be good, we may get more advertisers, and I'm looking to increase our range at Flytackle Europe. It's all happening.

I had an interesting email exchange with Stefan last week who was keen to send me his Russian weight-lifting Kettleballs through the post from Sweden to Hungary (thanks Stefan!) but changed his mind at the post office when then asked for £230! Fuck, I wish I had been a fly on the wall that day. "Just put them on the scales, sir." "Together or separately?" "One at a time is fine." "OK can you give me a hand... heeeeeave." pause "OK we need different scales."

You know Stefan, it may be worth the £230 just to see the postman deliver it. Talking of strange things through the post, I once sent Jim Curry a small potato. I stuck a stamp on one side and wrote his address on the other. Apparently it arrived and the postman said something along the lines of "in 33 years I've never had to deliver a potato before..."

So that's it from me for three days on the trot. Hopefully Tonio Tonio will have solved his online problems by tomorrow, so I can sit back and watch my copy of The Revolution - probably the best flyfishing film ever.

Cheers, Paul

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