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Ronan's report

Sunday 13th July, 2008

So, it's winter in Unzud, the Rock and Pillar Range is snowbound and the old scout hall in Middlemarch is pretty quiet. The guys are already getting the shack nasties. The Bhuddachu is heading up to the Cook Islands for some R&R and Bumcast is logging some face time with his partner and daughter. It's likely that Chris is quietly going insane down in Queenstown. What they should be doing, instead of watching the daytime soaps, is finding out where those sea run brownies are right now and tying whitebait imitations. Most of the rivers down there have significant winter runs of big fish. These trout are estuarine brownies, technically speaking, which apparently range the coast near their respective rivers. In Scotland they used to be called 'slob' trout - not meant to diss the fish, 'slob' is an old word for estuarine slough.

The New Zealand fish are usually very good size and sometimes real hawgs. The lower Taieri, for instance, gives up a few 12 to over 20 pound trout every year. The really big fish are traditionally caught by some kid with a K-Mart spinning rod, who rode his bike down to the river for a couple of casts. This is a Tierra del Fuego class fish, by the way, so this is really an unexplored fishery in NZ.

The Chu, Bumcast, Chris and I are going to make a little project out of this in August - if I can shake them out of their winter lethargy. The whitebait are running around the end of the month and these big estuary fish are on the prod. Might be a window here for some of that fancy double-handed stuff we're always talking about.


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