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Ronan's report

Friday 30th September, 2011

Me: Hay, dude how you doing and where the hell have you been?

Him: Oh just down the other side of town, but got a bad vibe so headed back here How do things lie around here?

Me: Well not bad the flow of things is better!” “Big B is still the Boss around here!

Him: Damn really, I thought he would have gotten hauled out of here by his nose a longtime ago

Me: Nope that prick takes all the best shit and the best spot in line...

Him: Shit some things never change, you hungry?

Me: Yeah you know it, where do you want to go?

Him: Is the best lie still open?

Me: I don’t know lets go over and see if it is crowded.

Him: Sure, lead the way buddy WHAT WAS THAT!.

Me: I DON’T KNOW, Scared the carp out of me!.

Him: THERE IT IS AGAIN, can you make it out?.

Me: No the wind is up .

Him: Well watch out, I have a bad feeling about this!.

Me: IN COMING! SCATTER! WHOA it got Big B!, YEAH…. What the hell it that thing.

Him: I, I don’t know!.

Old Him: Hmmmm - You young Par know shit all, that my young Cuts was an Otter. You better watch your tails. Be glad you aren’t Whitefish! I am going to miss that Big Bull Trout Bastard, he sort of kept order in this pool!

HAHA All that to set up some lame Otter jokes! Not even sure where I got these. Man I need this hunting thing to end so I can go fly fishing! Enjoy!.

What’s the difference between a large pizza and an otter

A pizza can feed a family of four.

What’s the difference between a pizza and an otter?

A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven.

What do you call a food stamp inside of a taco?

An otter fortune cookie

What’s the difference between a pothole and an otter?

You’d swerve to avoid a pothole, wouldn’t you?

An otter and an otter are in a car, who’s driving?

The cops

How do you save an otter from drowning?

Take your foot of its head

An otter was walking with a parrot on his shoulder and on his way he meets an otter.

”He is so cute! Does he speak?” says the otter.

”I don’t know I just bought him,” says the parrot.

What happens when an otter with an erection walks into a wall?

He breaks his nose.

How’s Christmas celebrated in otter homes?

They put parking meters on the roof.

Why are otters getting stronger?

T.V.’s are getting bigger

What’s the difference between an otter and a letter?

You can send the letter back where it came from.

Why do otters stink?

So blind people can hate them too.

How does an otter get into an honest business?

Usually through the skylight.

Did you hear about that one otter that went to college?

Yeah, me neither

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