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Ronan's report

Thursday 7th August, 2008

Sometimes , the words could be more painful than bullets. In other hand, one can change the World (please see in the History), but one can't change a specific person character, not in a million years even for the sake of the God. I knew about words power, I knew about the fact that animal in the human been can never change its character, but I'm still giving it try, asking myself can really animals be so jealous, green -eyed and blind in their arrogance. I am sure the answer is NO.

There is extract from the last week FP and full FP from the last Year,written after my Balkan FF trips. If my word can be danger like a built, then let it be. I am staying behind each and everyone word I wrote ,and all this is about huge influence of Sexyloops in my country and in Balkan area ,what must be publish and known :

Extract from FP from last week :

Influence of Sexyloops and Sexyloops FF casting are surprisingly very high in society of my fellows ffmans. Lots of guys learn to cast very good, I simply can't recognize them. They understand physics and need of practicing a cast.

and full FP from the last Year :

“We play our music, 'Electric Church Music', because it's like a religion to us"

- Jimi Hendrix to Hugh Curry of the BBC

Yeah, it was quiet interesting experience, to be again at home after two years. You know, all that nice and déjà vu things now looks different, just because I am not the same anymore either.

I find some peoples have changed a lot, unfortunately on bad side, some people not, they become just better then I saw them two years before. Some peoples get older like a shoes, but some get older like a cathedrals…. Don't take me wrong and too dramatic, but those people deeply connected with Rivers are exactly those people getting older like a cathedrals.

Spending at least 300 days on The River and with Fly Rod, results in some special face and eye expression, I would say more calm, more silently and peaceful then the others people might have it. They are so unselfish, willing to help, to explain and they are able to carefully listen what you have to say, without famous Balkan's habit where everyone speak simultaneously, and one doesn't listen what anyone else has to say…. You can simply see how The River has positive influence on them….

What was the more important and what delighted me was The Casting! Each an everyone start to take Fly Casting seriously . They start to read, to learn, to practice, they start to be serious fly casters - I can't believe, they cast even on the grass! :-) They start to THINK about Fly Casting.

Also I met lots of new guys, they know me I don't know them but who care, loop is loop, and even better if it is sexy. Yes, almost everyone read Sexyloops, they know everything, zillion of questions was asked…Some ones even start to learn English up to level to be able to communicate. (and I am not talking about youngish people) But lots of them are still shy, and don't want to contribute because of still non perfect English (I am not of that kind, as can be seen ! :-) )

Fishing with old friends on the well known Rivers has now taken new dimension. It was more important to make proper cast and catch a fish, then only to catch a fish. So instead of “we want meat", new era begun with “we want to cast better!" Or: do you see that damn tree, I've never been able to cast there and above it properly, but watch me now! It was a pure pleasure to fish on such a way with old friends.

Jan Jankovic's Casting improves a lot, his (left) back hand dynamic roll and single spey simply become perfect. Line goes lazy expedited with his #4 weight T&T , but well shaped and energized, nice loop is heading as a Cobra to target, laying on the water in perfectly straightened order with intentionally curved and slacked long leader, exactly what he need for his specific nymph technique.

It seems that era of Electric Fly CastingZ finally has taken place in the long history of Balkan Fly Fishing! I am just wondering what can be connection between Electric Fly CastingZ and Paul Arden's Sexyloops….


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