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Ronan's report

Thursday May 11, 2006

It happened a bit in Denmark like Eric described it - winter gave way to summer and Spring forgot to make her apperance. The last days we've had temperatures above 20 degrees C and high sun.

This is not good for the seatrout, but quite good for the garfish, who have decided to make an early appearance this summer. Usually, they peak in the middle of May, but with the numbers that are here now, I think they may already be peaking, If not, a few days with *constant* takes a loads of fun lie ahead.

I usually don't fish for garfish, because when it comes down to it, they really don't fight very well, but I've read an article about popper-fishing for garfish, which apparantly is very effective. I love popper-fishing and I'm going to give it a go! Incidentally, a garfish was what initiated the first contact I ever had with Paul. Paul was in Oz and was proudly boasting his first 'cuda on this site, and it was indeed a *very* imaginary 'cuda. It was really a garfish, which I felt obliged to let him know! Jesus, had I known then what that email would lead to, I should probably have left in with his "'cuda" :-).

I blame Paul that I have now gotten the camo-bug - see what I mean? Not all men like women, but I bet you that deep down inside their souls, *all* men like camo.

Tomorrow - Big Ben!


-- it's been a five-year affair, Lars! Back in the old days before I found out you had to concentrate at all times.
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