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Ronan's report

Fridday April 18th, 2008

Just thinking, we know each other on this Site for a years ago (virtually and for real ) ,but I am not sure where do you all Guys/Girls fish. So, tell me where/what do you fish, and I will tell you how do you look like !

There is part Two of my humble Fly Fishing World , so take your guess….

Upper Pongola River
Distance- 450 km
Time to get there- 5-6 hrs
Costs/Transport- from 500 R/person/day , there is a need for 4x4
The Fish - Small-scale Yellowfish , Catfish ,huge Bass in the farm dams.
Tackle/Casting- #3-5 weight rod for beautiful small stream River , which become very wide in some spots. Need for very good casting, presentation and drifting.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can be 10, when you learn how to catch Small-scales. The most gently fish take I've ever saw in my life. And if you don't strike in a next micro sec. after subtle chuck, you will loose the fish. It took me two days to learn it. Thanks to Horst Filter, the FF Guru of Upper Pongola.
Bonus: On some spots you will never say : It is Africa. It looks more like Montana or Bosnia. The water is fairly clear.

Distance- 300-500 km ,it is huge area
Time to get there- 4-7 hrs
Costs/Transport- everything more than R 1.000/person/day , 4x4 preferred
The Fish- Trout, Rainbow and Brown, in the Rivers and in the Lakes and Dams.
Tackle/Casting- +- #3-5 weight , all possible variety of Trout stream and still water fishing.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can be 10 ,because of one of the most beautiful Mountain scenery on the World , having numerous of smallish to middle sized Rivers ,natural Lakes and FF Dams.
Bonus : Scenery , ancient caves, and really biiig Trout ! Lots of good maintained waters. Not too much fishing pressure.

Distance- 250 km
Time to get there- max 3 hrs
Costs/Transport- for me it's free, I've got a friend ,and he gotta Fly Fishing Trout Farm, with five beautiful dams, fulfilled with Rainbows.
The Fish- stupid question
Tackle/Casting- +- #5 , no need for good casting, fish is everywhere, like in Zoo.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can be 10,but only for lazy, urban FFman. There is no challenge, and one day I manage to catch almost all fish from one small dam (they asked me to do that because of dam cleaning and transport the fish to another dam )
Bonus: That area live from and for Fly Fishing, but start to be e little bit too much commercial.

To be continued with Salt Water destinations.


p.s. 500 Rand is 63USD/40EUR/81NZD

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