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Ronan's report

Monday October 9th, 2006

Tuesday update: Sorry we've had some technical problems; the Board is currently down but we hope to be running again fully in a short while. Thanks, Paul

Update: The Board is back. Paul

I'm giving the lessons a real push [as you may have noticed] - I need the money and you need a lesson. So everybody wins. Based in Coggeshall, Essex, I will make you a better fly caster. You'll catch more fish, have more fun, tangle less and God will love you. So drop me an email - I'll be around for three weeks, then I'm off to create havoc in another country. Improving your casting is the single most effective way of improving your catch rate that I know. This is your opportunity to more fully enjoy the rest of your life. Hurry up before I bugger off!

[Incidentally this is actually a very good time to have a lesson - because then you'll be able to spend the winter practicing good technique and next year you'll be a Trout God like me. So that's something to look forward to.]

Me, I'm working; I don't get broadband very often and when I do I make the most of it. You won't believe the excitement we have in store for you. We're simultaneously launching in three different directions. Hang on to those shorts, baby... it's all about to happen.


PS Enlightenment DVDs are currently all sold out - I'm establishing a direct sales method with our distributor which will make everyone's life easier. You can still purchase The Instructor.

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