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Weekend in Romania


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Ronan's report

Sunday 7th September, 2014

Last weekend I had a long weekend in Romania - almost a week in fact! I had a fantastic time. Of course in true Sexyloops style, one mile before the location I hit a hole in the road and flattened two tyres. Oh that was interesting, not least because my jack is ineffective and I don't have a proper wheel nut spanner. Still we patched things up and I got to the location - of course from this point on I became known as "Double Hole" Arden. Great.

It was nice to meet up with Thomas Bergen and his mate Tommi, as well as my good friend Djordje from Serbia - and amazing to meet so many nice people as they have in Romania. There was some filming, a hell of a lot of casting, presentations, a special Caster Beer, Romanian Palinka, talking, fishing, casting casting casting! :)))

I really hope to meet up with the Romanians again in the not-too-distant future. They have some absolutely stunning scenery and I plan to make a proper fly fishing trip there either next year or the following one. There were no Vampire Chicks, Bernd.

I have a big POD to put together courtesy of Tudor the event organiser. It was nice to be beered and dined in such good company. Looking forward to meeting you guys again, whether that be here in Hungary, there in Romania, fishing in Bosnia or even New Zealand!! Thanks!!!

Tomorrow: The SL Hungarian Meet schedule. Incidentally I can sleep four more, so if you are interested in joining this event please get in touch very quickly. I have an airport pickup and drop-off/s in Zagreb and we have three cars coming down from Budapest! Drava fishing is out but Croatia should be on fire!!

Have a fantastic day!!!

Cheers, Paul

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