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Ronan's report

Monday October 6th, 2008

It's been a mad week since last week; we've almost completed our trans-Canada journey and this FP is coming to you from New Brunswick. The truck lives!

Today I'm launching a page for Sexyloops one-day Intermediate and Beyond courses. I gave the first of these in Calgary last month. It's a comprehensive course covering pretty much all there is to know from the double haul onwards. It actually begins with the double haul.

The "plan" is to give one of these somewhere in Nova Scotia next Monday, although we're not sure where exactly yet and it may be in two different places - and therefore two different days. I'll be back in the UK and will give a course there, probably on the 18th October - I know, no long-term planning here at Sexyloops. Another in Hungary on the 25th October and possibly Croatia the week or weekend after - date to be confirmed. I am also looking at Sydney and Christchurch as possible venues; New Zealand being the third weekend in November and Sydney a mid-week slot.

So basically it's all happening. If you're in any of these areas and wish to attend then please drop me an email (you'll have to pass through the double spam filter!)

The Spanish Connection

A couple of weeks ago we became 10 years old, and I wrote a much-celebrated Vortex on the subject, carefully omitting Carlos from the Vortex because I wanted to talk about Carlos The Great today, separately, and not mix him up with all the others, and not because it was late and my car was about to break down.

Carlos, as many of you know, is now proud father of the Flycasting Twins (one presentation - the girl, the other a Distance Casting Athlete - the boy), who are one year old. This has taken a great deal of his time, which is why he's disappeared for a while - but we met again in Spain this summer, and he was looking very well and casting nicely.

Carlos is in my opinion one of the very best presentation casters in the world. Not only this, but an inspirational teacher as you can see in this hugely successful Sexyloops' section.

If you speak Spanish and not English then you won't understand this page... if on the other hand you speak Spanish and some English then visit Spanish Foro.

The Sexyloops Cap only available here

Sexyloops, the best flycasting instruction.

Cheers, Paul

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