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The content within this site develops through readers feedback. I thoroughly welcome this communication as it allows me to build a better site. Aside from this it also expands my mind and improves my teaching by making me think. Thinking's good! Some of the emails I get are just too special to answer and subsequently throw away. You can be pretty sure that if one person has taken the effort to email me a question, then he is not alone in thinking it. What follows is a list of emails that have been sent to me and because I found them interesting, useful, stimulating or just downright entertaining, I have decided to place them on my site for you to read as well.

What was that?

The mail at left has been sent to me and I have taken the liberty of publishing them here for the benefit of the rest of the sexyloops audience. The reasons for their inclusion are given and occasionally I'll use such a thread to stimulate some discussion on the Sexyloops Bulletin Board. It's a bit like letters to the editor... it's just a little more cutting edge, that's all! :-)

The bridge at Salle

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