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Ronan's report

Friday March 21th, 2008

Here in South Africa, Summer is on its end, Autumn and Winter knocking on the door. In Europe and North part of the World, season is on the beginning, that's why Paul is back to Europe .So book the lesson and change your life (???!!!) .

Yellowfishing on our beloved Sterkfontain Dam wasn't so good this season , and weather was simply terrible. Anyway, every day spent on Sterky is still a privilege and Yellowfishing on this beautiful and clear lake is the best Still Water fishing I know.
Let take a look what Dave Weaver, the Guru of Sterky place has to say about the last season:

Dave Weaver Report : Sterkfontain Yellowfishing March 2008

The understatement of the year…. “It's been a tough season”. Now in my position, I have to find reasons as to why it has been a tough season. The numbers of fish are not down, the skills of the fisherman have not decreased and the effort invested in catching fish has not declined. So what other excuses do I have to offer, let me list them from 1- 20.

  1. This damn weather will just not settle. Give me 2 days of consistent weather and I will give you a good days fishing.
  2. The tide just seems to be rising. With the recent eishcom blackouts, sorry, previously dis-advantaged outs, the level of the dam just won't settle.
  3. Water temperatures have battled this whole season to get above 20.
  4. Spawning, we have only had 2 spawns this year, as apposed to 4 last year. In fact last year there seemed to be constant spawning activity throughout the season.
  5. The rivers have flowed well this year so a lot of the fish have migrated upstream to breed and feed. We don't fish these areas anymore.
  6. There is no excuse no. 6.

Excuses 7-20 I will leave or you to make up on a daily basis.

How to leave the water without 7-20 coursing through your brain?

It has been a fascinating year in the 'new fly development' department; one gets creative when one is not catching fish. Probably the most humbling of waters I have ever had the joy to fish. The old adage of “you were only a Professor yesterday” has never been truer. What I have learnt is that if you stick to your guns and more importantly your old patterns, Sterkies will still reward the man with his fly in the water. So my solution for a tough season is not any new wonder pattern but rather a wonder level.
The old faithfuls are still producing and they are: The Good Drs Foam Beetle, Zak, GRHE, DDD, F Fly and a little flashback now and then. All you have to do is put one of these on and if they are not taking it shallow, go deeper. If you still don't catch, lengthen your leader and go deeper, or just, heaven forbid, put on a sinking line.
If you spend too much time going through your fly box, without a line in the water you are going to catch diddlysquat.

Late season advice.

Late in the season only 2 flashes of brilliance that I can offer. Tie your GRHEs on a size #8 or #10 hook with a bushy 'white' tail. I have found that the hairs from the cheek of the mask are the best. I have also been using a gold tungsten bead. Hans discovered the other day what these are imitating. Yellow fish fry are in abundance all around the traditional spawning beds and the bigger fish are eating them.
The other main food source at this time of year is flying termites. I have yet to find the ideal pattern to imitate this wonderful late season snack. One thing that I can tell you is that when the ants are on the water, the fish will look at nothing else.

So if you are really up to some late season challenges (read frustration), head for our beloved Sterkies.

Good stuff on the Board,again 100 pages? Dynamic Roll vs Switch cast!


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