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Ronan's report

Wednesday 05 November, 2014

During the past decade I have been fishing for pike with a hell lot of fly fishermen. Many of them were using flashabou-patterns as well as other synthetic-patterns. Besides flashabou-patterns probably bunny flies were most common. Most of these patterns were in silver, blue, green and red colors. So yes, bright shining colors always were very common among both fly fishermen and spin fishermen fishing for pike.

Very rarely I saw someone fishing a black fly or lure. Why?

Actually I have no clue. If I would have to choose just one fly for the whole year, it would definetly be the Black Mamba! That fly often was deadly especially when it came to those large pikes successfully resisting a HUGE fishing pressure. Seemed to me as if they simply were waiting for something to eat, which looks different (more natural?) from all these bright shining (none natural?) stuff.

Anyway in the end it often isn't just the fly but how we present it to the fish. Our presentation in pike fishing has to match a large number of different key factors. But it's still fair to summarize the fly to have its percentage in succeeding to catch a pike!

So if you want to fish for pike, I recommend to have Black Mamba in your box!

Last week I had a great start fishing for pike on Rügen island, Germany: First fish was a >100cm pike being successfully released. All in all season seems to start a little slow, which is no surprise based on pretty high water temperature still. The colder it gets, the better it will be (in this area that is).

Yesterday I had a day off and went for Sea trout. Great day on the Baltic coast with some nice fish being involved. You may have a look in the pic of the day section. Oh, there you may also find a tying-instruction for the Black Mamba. ;)

In the mean-while Paul seems to be lost drifting somewhere around the Great Barrier reef on a self-made (Sexyloops) wooden float! Hopyfully he'll have some flies left to still land a GT before getting lost totally!?

Whatever you will be doing this week - floating for GT or fishing for pike I wish you a safe trip and a safe landing in case of a serious hook up.

Great week to all of you!


p.s.: I am looking forward to see Australian pictures EVERY Monday (fp). So please make sure to have internet access, mate! ;)

Pic Of Day



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