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Ronan's report

Sunday December 23rd, 2007

It's an established fact that once you become flyfisher, you start measuring your life differently - something like dog years, only for flyfishers it works the other way around. In other words, one year spent flyfishing is the equivalent of seven years doing anything else, especially work. It may surprise you to learn that this means I am over 350 years old.

Work is a very over-rated activity. The idea that it's a good and righteous thing is a scurrilous trick by the same people who brought you income tax and the war on terror (drugs, poverty, you name it, there's always a good expensive and endless war on something going on to keep you busy, distracted, and the taxes rolling in). So, since I am a few years ahead of Paul - although he's catching up fast from the look of it - I have the benefit of years of experience and hindsight from which to pontificate from. And, I might add, over fifty of those years are flyfishing years, so in real terms I am actually much younger than Paul.

Anyway, I'll leave the math to you to work out but let me make one thing clear, I intend to squander no more of my precious time on work. I reckon if I spend ALL of m y time fishing and thinking about fishing, I should live at least another hundred years and end up younger than when I started.

Sexyloops, it's a point of view.

Merry Xmas to all you 'Loopers.


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