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Ronan's report

Sunday 17th June, 2007

Bob's in Italy at the moment and can't get a decent connection, so you have me today AND tomorrow! Next week's topic is "fishing we've had lately" or something like that. So I'm going to talk about that today and then tomorrow something completely different.

At the moment I'm not fishing hard, I'm busy editing The Revolution. And here in Alberta many of the rivers have only opened today, at the time of writing. The fish spawn pretty late here apparently. But even the rivers that have been open are discoloured and high from heavy rain. So my only real option has been lakes. Most of the lakes in southern Alberta contain Pike and Walleye, but there are a few managed trout lakes. Some of these are Government stocked with six and seven inch fish, and the best ones have minimum size limits so that the trout has a reasonable change of survival. In fact a three pounder - according to Harps (who knows everything) - is probably two or three years old.

Last week I fished one such lake near Medicine Hat with Blair and Kyle (Guito and Clyde on the Board) and it was interesting fishing, because the better fish I found were within three feet of the bank and responded well to soft hackles and the odd dry. I guess I landed around 15 fish but I'm quite sure that had I had my flies I would have done much better - I'll be talking about this tomorrow!

Anyway, it was good fun. I camped on another such lake South of Leighbridge a couple of nights ago, but there were no real risers and there were lots of mozzies. "Mozzies" by the way, is Australian for Mosquitoes... I know that some of you probably had no idea what I was talking about (don't tell Babus). However even the one million mozzies I encountered were no match for the Sexyloops Hoodie. Blatant plug I know, but if you haven't bought one of these - and I'm pretty sure that most of you haven't, because we haven't sold 200,000 of them yet - then get in there and make a purchase! There is no better fishing garment on the market.

This week is a full-on week of video editing. I'll either camp in the mountains around Crowsnest where I'll be able to fish, run and light campfires, or else I'll head back to one of these lakes. I quite fancy the mountains, so we'll see what gives later.

Annamaria joins me the week after, by which time I hope to have this film complete. It's only taken one year longer than expected; you can blame the US Governement for that. Talking of which I wonder if Mr Bush is wearing my sock now? Paul Harps last night asked where I thought he'd be wearing it, since I only sent one. With that pleasant thought for the day I'll leave you to check out the rest of the site!


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