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Ronan's report

Saturday March 31st 2012

Phew - lots to do at the moment! Tomorrow, a couple of the good seatrout streams open and although it's definitely too early for the real migration to start, there are always a few stray (and BIG) seatrout around, but I won't have the time. Tomorrow, primarily because I don't want to miss Tour of Flanders on the TV :-)

There's an upcoming certification event in Ukraine, which I'm organizing, so that also takes up a little time. And on the subject of Russia (Ukraine is not Russia - just pointing that out :-), a good friend is going to fish trout on the Kola Peninsula this summer, and I've promised to tie the flies (so far, Klinkhamers, Elk Hair Caddis, Wooly Buggers, Flashback Nymphs and stoneflies are on the list). I'll probably be tying a couple of hundred flies for him, so maybe I should re-read this and part 2 and part 3.

If anyone has any experience in trout fishing on the Kola Peninsula. I'd love to hear something about which flies work :-). One fly I will be tying is the Cased Caddis - caddis are everywhere! Check the PoD!

In two weeks, on April 16th, the salmon rivers open, and I'll of course be ready for that as well.

And in between, there's also work and family :-)


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