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Ronan's report

Wednesday 28 May, 2014

Returning home (I don't really have a home besides being next to the fish) when having cleaned up castle Wotersen after the German Fly Festival Alex and I directly went back into teaching. We had a great weekend teaching everything about Sea trout fishing to beginners. We were hoping for some windy conditions in order to catch a lot of fish. But instead it was nearly no wind all weekend long, which usually marks none catching days in Sea trout fishing. Luckily though we caught some good Sea trout anyway! Catching a good Sea trout in total calm conditions always is special. We could even sight fish for a moment! This happens only a very few days a year. In addition we were expecting a lot of Garfish, but only a few ones showed up. Seems as if most are already finished with spawning. Spawning? Yes, we indeed fish for spawning (gar)fish here! That alone is worth another front page sometime, I think! (Many other fish species mean endless discussions between anglers when some of us are fishing during the spawning periods, not so for Garfish - which to me is interesting.)

During the next days we now will run quite some casting courses on grass (and water). And then mullets have arrived! It's just that we are waiting for a bit more sun as we have it today! Hopefully Paul will make it over this time! ;)

Btw. what I really do like about Paul, is his great courage to simply speak truth. Especialy when it may bother some people.

On Paul's Saturday front page he mentioned this:

"I heard a nasty rumour, however, and from quite a few sources, that anyone exhibiting or even demonstrating at the German Fly Festival won't be welcome at the EWF. It's a six hour drive from Hamburg to Munich!!!"

Indeed we now have been told about this by fly tiers, fly casters and exhibitors. Too many as it seems to us to not believe in it to simply be the truth. Of course we are not very happy to hear about such a poor behaviour in our fly fishing szene. There are obviously 800Km distance between Hamburg and Munich and both Alex and I cannot find any reason to feel to be in any competition with the EWF.

In fact we believe the EWF to be a great fly fishing event bringing fly fishing to many people. And that is great and well worth a visit! Same targets as many other fly fishing shows have. In fact the Danish fly festival is much closer to Hamburg. And its those people running the Danish fly festival, who work hand in hand with us! Not the sligthest form of competition!

I cannot understand why as an organizer I ever would want any of the fly casters, fly tiers or exhibitors not to attend in any other show!? That would mean I would want to interrupt them growing their own reputation. In fact it is opposite to us. We want all the fly tiers, fly casters and exhibitors to attend in as many shows as possible. That way they get more experienced and more well known, which can only be good for our next festival and bringing our sport to as many people as possible. Besides that we simply all share the same passion. No need to start such a poor form of competition against each other!

I personally will never understand such wrong behaviour at all. Anyway it is time to thank all those having had the courage to speak truth and especially those speaking truth in front of quite an audience. In Germany we have an old saying: "Simply the truth will always be true!" I believe in that!

Hopefully some people down in Munich somewhen will start to change their minds. We are all fly fishermen and should work hand in hand to enjoy and simply support our sport!

Great week to all of you!

All my best


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