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Ronan's report

Tuesday March 13th, 2007

This weekend I met the Sage Casting Analyser for the first time - one of a handful in the UK. Despite running the test into a blustery headwind, casting a fixed 40ft of line it seems the Analyser liked my casting. Peak speed on my Forward Cast is higher than it should be, acceleration into the Back Cast is faster than it should be - should be in ideal still conditions. My Arc is good and the gyros could detect no Creep. With a little practise, an experienced caster could tell the wind direction from the results and work out the compensations for wind.

The guys running the Analyser have only had it for a week or so but are already seeing tendencies in their clients.
Excessive arc - typically 100 degrees (expert 66 degrees).
Creep - from slight to 10 or 15 degrees (expert 0).
Low rod loading - 10 to 15% (expert 25%)

Watching guys try the Analyser it was only too obvious that average anglers in this part of the world don't practise casting with a fixed line - we had to take the line out of their line hand, in some cases forcibly.

Great gadget - I want one - I really hope these things become more affordable.


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