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Ronan's report

Wednesday 10th July, 2013

During the past 4 days I and a very good friend of mine "Alex" have been fly fishing for mullet all day long. That means we have been walking 15-20Km each day searching for the fish. And when we found the fish, we were chasing them along the shallow water, sometimes almost running along the beach. Alex has been fly fishing for 15 years, and I have been fly fishing for 28 years. So we both have caught thousands of fish and yes, some huge ones in between.

During the last days we both got very excited every time we saw one (or more) mullet passing by. It is strange in one way and (I think) simply fantastic in another way. Even after fishing all these years it still felt like I was just trying to catch my first fish. My hands started to get out of control; I was standing on my line quiet often; the fly I just was going to put on dropped down into the stones (and was gone of course) and so on. I guess most of you know very well what I am talking about... For Alex it was exactly the same kind of excitement. Of course we both got a nice (serious) sun burn, because in the middle of all our excitement there was no time to put on sun cream or to just think about it.

Personally I think it is exactly this kind of excitement, which is the reason, why almost no fly fisherman I have met, ever stopped to fly fish again. I know of less than five of us who stopped their fly fishing hobby again. It probably is more of a strong passion than (what I would call a) hobby I think.

The excitement of being close to hook up with a good fish is so intense to me, yet I never could find anything comparable in other hobbies/sports - and I have tried a lot!

Funny, today I was so excited after I fooled a mullet to take my fly, but then lost it, that I could not change my fly for a few minutes afterwards. I tried to tie a knot and it did not work. So I had to calm down at least a little first of all.

Long time ago someone told me that the level of excitement/of getting nervous will get less when increasing experience and then one day having caught many (and a few huge) fish. In fact he was a great fisherman himself. But he was completely wrong about me. And I must say: I very much hope it will be like that always. Getting really excited is the most important part about fly fishing to me.

How about you, do you still get excited all the time being out on the water feeling a nice fish to be close?

All my best and (if you like it that way, too) plenty of excitement for you too!


p.s.: In the pic of the day section you may find a few pictures of the past days...

PPS actually this is unlikely because they were too large for me to download, instead there is Bernd's POD series archive to view ~ Paul :-)

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