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Ronan's report

Monday, January 12th, 2015

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks here for me in Malaysia and I seem to have found an interesting groove! My day begins around most people's lunchtime - so nothing new there then! - before I embark on a mad fitness campaign which involves hill running, sprints and weights. Around 5PM I open the Tor Tambra Rainforest Bar. The bar is rarely manic, and so I get to work on Sexyloops - make the FP live, answer emails, spend time on the Board, work on the new site layout. Later in the evening the pool competition begins. I seem to be doing rather well at this at the moment. I've been researching techniques online to improve my skills - which is almost cheating! And then at some point in the early hours, which can be anywhere between midnight and 3AM, I make my way to my boat and head out into the jungle. Then I fish through until dawn, whereupon I find a shady place to pull the boat in and shut my eyes. It's great!!

Last week an extremely nice, slightly crazy (all women are) and very brave girl from KL joined me for six days of fishing. This was fantastic fun and it's my plan that this year she fishes more than Bernd.

A thread on the Board recently asked about whether it was practical to fish in hiking boots and not wading boots, since most wading boots fall apart after only a few months? For a long time I thought that this was the only way to go. I simply wasn't impressed by the wading boots on the market. They have little design for walking and most are no more than large boats meant for both feet and neoprene waders - fine if all you are going to do is waddle from the car to the water, but not useful at all if your fishing day can take in 20 and sometimes 30km of walking!

However I have since changed my mind with some of the Simms boots. I had a hand-me-down pair from Chirs, that I believe Ronan had borrowed for a season before, and they not only fitted well but the strange non-felt sole actually seemed to stick to some of the rocks. However they're also bloody expensive, even at trade prices and so I didn't buy a pair in the end! If I'm going to have one pair of quality boots - and I can really only justify one pair - then walking boots are my first choice.

Before the felt ban in NZ, I bought a pair of Meindls and immediately set about the sole with a hacksaw before gluing and screwing a three-quarter strip of felt to it. These were the best boots I've had! I had a solid season out of them, wet all the time! And on the second season they died - but at the end. So that's twice as long as I've had out of any boots for fishing. Your only problem with walking boots is that sometimes Vibram is exactly what you don't want on your feet!

Cheers, Paul

PS This is Ronan's Report!

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Ronan's Report

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