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Ronan's report

Thurday 5th February, 2009

I think there's a very close similarity between fellatio and fly-fishing...

Well, the truth is there isn't... but it's a lovely thought! I think though, that as this FP progresses I will have found a similarity between two so read all the way to the end....

I've been in a shitty mood today... I have days like that and sometimes I have to dig pretty deep to actually work out why. It's nearly always because somewhere along the line I've had to add a name to the ever growing list of people who annoy the hell out of me. I wish I was more tolerant, but then I don't either... if that makes sense.

If you do something long enough you start to consider yourself in a position to pass judgement on it and I guess I am like that with our fly-fishing scene here... I pass judgement, albeit often only to myself, pretty regularly... this could lead others to pass judgement on me and call me an opinionated bastard if they knew what I thought, but I do keep some things in reserve, but some still think that, quite rightly too.

But this one today is a goodie... Apparently a trout fishing guide I know has now set himself up in business as a Saltwater fly guide even though his sum total of fly catches amounts to a few Kahawai and one Kingfish that weighed no more than 5 lb. He caught that King fishing with me and a high profile angler from overseas. He hasn't caught one in the four years that have passed since. He'll gladly, it seems, take your $600 a day to give you the benefit of his appalling experience. In a third party relating of the conversation he backs up his new role by claiming to have read everything there is to read about Kingfish.... He'll give our scene a bad name, waste someone's day and time and money and come up with some waxing lyrical story about how nice the weather was... it really is bloody shocking... That stuff really pisses me off but I feel better now I've said something about it. When I hear about these things I really feel like getting back into guiding again, but then I do a trip and remember why I don't really suit it anymore even though I modestly admit I'm pretty bloody good at it. But there are some awesome operators out there... Craig Worthington has been Saltwater fly-fishing in New Zealand longer than God, Mark Draper is a legend and Nik Mathieson has made a good impact since he started a couple of season ago... so there are good options... like anything, before handing money to a guide or booking from overseas... make some enquiries. The board here has heaps of good Kiwi anglers who really know our scene and they'll put you straight. And if you want to go SWF in NZ book someone who has more than two Kahawai on their website or you might be disappointed!

One of the great things about a fly-fishing trip, for me anyway, is the anticipation... the build up is something that can be more exciting than the actual event... the thought, the prep, the fantasy of what may lie ahead. It is nearly always better in the anticipation than the reality... But then you find yourself actually fly-fishing and all is good with the world... even if the day doesn't live up to the fantasy it's still bloody good just to be out there enjoying it. Even if the fishing is bad it's is still better than not fishing at all... and every once in a while it is as good as the fantasy... just one of those mind blowing experiences that has you at a complete loss for words, even breath and you never really believed life could get this good...

I guess fly-fishing is a lot like fellatio after all.


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