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Ronan's report

Friday 14th November, 2014

Ray is away today imaginary SW fishing. I have a busy weekend coming up. I have a continuing ed course for the QLD casting instructors tomorrow and a course on Sunday for Gold Coast club members. Busy - looking forward to these courses. I have two new courses - the instructor course is tailor made for these guys and is specifically aimed at improving instructor skills, instructor training, teaching, preparing for the MCI exam and honing casting skills. One of the important skills that an MCI requires is that he should be able to train CCIs and so we'll be studying this aspect quite thoroughly. Also we'll have quite a heavy single handed Spey Casting contingent, because while Spey casting is not examined to a particularly high level in the single handed MCI exams, it is part of it. So this should be a blast.

The other course I have prepared is aimed at the specific needs of flyfishers in Australia, particularly the semi-tropical stuff. That for me means a good solid stroke with 8 and 10 wt rods, chucking clousers deep into mangroves (slot casting), dealing with strong flats winds coming in from all directions, SW distance, curved casts for bass and barra fishing, speed of fly delivery and line management. I've also been asked to cover presentation casts here in QLD. I intend to do a similar course over in Perth next weekend.

Something I've found over the years I've been doing this, is that while it's important to be flexible, you really need a strong outline to your course. It's nice to have a couple of new courses to work with too. The other thing I do is work out a new casting demonstration for each year. Then it's possible to get quite good at it, and stick it in the bank, which allows me to pull it out my arse at any time. Quite a lot of thinking time and practise time goes into these before I launch them on the unsuspecting public! There is usually a couple of months of preparation that goes into each - obviously not full time :) and so I like to use them many times and get good at them.

Today's POD is the latest 8-wt from the Sexyloops Workshop. Our stripping guides are now titanium. I was asked about our guarantee recently by the way. We charge 50 euros for any new top section and 80 euros for a new butt section - plus shipping. We do hold a number of sections in stock that we can sometimes fit to any smashed rod, in which case it's a very quick turn around. If we have to manufacture a new section to fit then turnaround is around 2-3 weeks (blanks are manufactured in Spain and built in the UK!). We basically do everything we can to give your rod a long and exciting life :))


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