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Ronan's report

Tuesday June 6, 2006

According to Wikipedia, the number 121 is a very interesting number. It is a square and is the sum of three consecutive primes (37 + 41 + 43). There are no squares besides 121 known to be of the form 1 + p + p2 + p3 + p4, where p is prime (3, in this case). There are only two other squares known to be of the form n! + 1. - Startling isn't it.

It is also a star number and a centered octagonal number. In base 10, it is a Smith number since its digits add up to the same value as its factorization (which uses the same digits) and as a consequence of that it is a Friedman number. But it can not be expressed as the sum of any other number plus that number's digits, making 121 a self number.
...Incredible really

121 feet is also longer than the average length of a Blue Whale (around 100ft), and longer than the longest Blue Whale ever recorded, which was a 108 ft adult female in case you're interested. Unfortunately, we don't know what became of her, but it's reasonably likely she was eaten by someone in Japan, or at least, lots of people from Japan.

In a startling coincidence; 121 feet is also the active focal plane of the Cabo Lucrecia lighthouse in Cuba. - I have no idea what an active focal plane is.

If you're trying to imagine a visual reference of what 121 feet looks like - and by now I'm sure you are:

  • 121 feet is about the length of 3.5 double decker busses parked bumper to bumper; (or for our American friends, about the length of seven and a half Dodge Durango's)
  • Or 829.7 Oreo cookies placed side by side
  • Around 728 Woolly buggers (Olive) lined up nose to tail
  • And 121 feet is surprisingly close to the combined length of 191 of those super Nova Scotia trout that Paul has been busy catching

121 feet is also a significant number as this would be the combined distance that 27 M1A1 Bazookas would span if placed end to end. - Unbelievable I know

And 121 feet is just a smidgen over 37 meters for those of us that long ago saw the light and adopted the metric system.

However, all these measurements fall short of Mike's (Victor on the Board) awesome casting efforts, five inches short in fact.

During the British Fly Casting Club event on Sunday, Mike managed to belt out a whopping cast of 121ft 5 inches! And with it, set a new club record.

Congratulations Mike, that's an awesome achievement. At least somebody has been able to do something genuinely interesting with 121 feet.


(As usual, Paul seems to be having trouble with what day it is, or was)

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