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Ronan's report

Tuesday August 26th, 2008

Most of us loopers cast with common sense and doing this completely without cents. And by the way that´s not really an UNICUM. But then again some need the cents and maybe therefore they need some UNICUM. And if you had to much UNICUM you probably want a feel fixer not to say you may need it! I know of much nicer feel fixers anyway! But that´s another story. At least this is an ongoing and interesting discussion on the board about Hanneman´s ccs system and hopefully I gain some enlightenment at the “Southern Hemisphere Conclave” next February in Middlemarch when Hurricane Bob probably will do a demonstration on the subject - at least he commited himself to it. He wants me to be a Co-CCSmeister (his own words) and I´m far from being that. In fact I personally like expressions like chewy, snappy or sweet far more than to rave about ERN 7,3. But one´s for sure we will have some tasty feel fixers at the Clave. And they might have an impact on a rod´s frequency as well the next day.

Back to numbers - where is the mystic and poetry in numbers such as ERN?

Talking poetry - many are turning flyfishing into some sort of competitive sports these days.

I´m not happy with this - not at all! Once again where is the poetry, passion and the link to tradition. I hear you talking. Look at that old fart. O.k., I´m going to be 46 soon. For some this is stone age already. But honestly we are talking about the latest developments in the tackle industry as everybody of us would be a sales representative of the companies in question.

Of course some are as we know! But where are the stories about successful raids? Where are the stories about interesting observations in the field? Or is all this tackle junkie business a substitute for a lost world already?


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