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Ronan's report

Monday October 16, 2006

Twice each year I get to hang out online in the UK for three weeks or so. This gives me a chance to do site maintenance - yesterday I fixed the Navbars in Firefox and uploaded a couple of new archives in the PoD index. I'm also working hard on installing advertising scripts, the Directory and the Store Cart. I know: multi-tasking. Hey, I may not be a woman, but I am a flycasting instructor - we can do this shit.

Talking of which I'm out of here on the 8th Nov. So that leaves a couple more weeks to get your flycasting lesson in. I'm pretty busy this current week but next week's still semi-clear at the moment.

This coming weekend we're having a Shootout (interesting how that term is appearing in different places; I'll rename it soon, just to keep everyone on their toes): Jon says this one isn't a distance shootout, Paul, instead it's all about accuracy [Question 2]. That's just great - we'll be floating rings in swimming pools - Jon mentioned that he won't be practicing this week and would I be? No of course not Jon, I never practice, expecially not just before you're coming over.

Apparently Ben's learned to cast since he came over last - note well Mike.

And my other life is all fluff and feathers at the moment. I have to completely rebuild my fly collection [four empty boxes]. Since Simon lost my box down the Snake River - OK I lost it, but Simon wasn't looking either - I've had no flies. It may interest you that I have two flytying kits. New Zealand is always a little bit difficult when it comes to fur and feather. Two years ago they changed their fumigation service and burned a hole in my pocket, so I've split my kit and left one out there... somewhere..

Two-lives Paul

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