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Ronan's report

Monday 11th December, 2009

We're just back from the Coast following some intense imaginary saltfly action. This week's SexyloopsTV show is Squids, Kahawai and Mugwai. You can watch it here on YouTube. Ronan managed to destroy his video camera the previous week which has made it harder to get the footage, but we're back up to full strength again with a replacement. As you probably know, we run two waterproof camcorders and just make it up as we go.

This week I'll be concentrating on the Western Lakes area here in Tasmania with evening rises on either the Great Lake or Arthur's Lake. Hair and I had five tonight from the latter which wasn't too bad considering we only fished the last hour or so.

My guess is that if you're in Europe right now, you're probably busy spending more time flytying and less time flyfishing! So maybe now is a good time to treat yourself to some new gear and a visit to us at Flytackle Europe. And if you can't get enough of casting and don't want to practise in the snow, then treat yourself to a Micro Practise Rod - not only do I practise and teach using them, but I've recently been trying to nail a Kahawai on one!

Great stuff on the Board as usual. And surprisingly perhaps I'm behind on emails - I should get back on top of these over the next day or two. We should have the Blog updated later today, but first we're going polaroiding. Have a fun and constructive week!

Cheers, Paul

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