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Ronan's report

Monday 13th February, 2012

I don't know if it's the most beautiful lake in the world, but it could well be the most beautiful I've seen. Certainly Mel Krieger thought it was the most beautiful he had seen, but he said that about many places, apparently, and no doubt he meant it about all of them!

So yesterday, I again made the trip into the hills, for a picnic at the castle tops. It certainly is quite a place. First built by the Muslims and then later used in the Middle Ages, to secure the border pass that travelled close to the former river; you know they meant business when they built a castle in such a impossible place. I tried to imagine what life would be like as an attacker, with only one possible and heavily fortified angle of attack.

Even if Viking Lars did eventually break through the first entrance, he'd discover himself in a walled cage, with rocks and no doubt burning oil being dropped from above, all the while arrows being fired through tiny slits. Not exactly a fun afternoon, even for him.

Still on the other hand I'm not sure how they would have acquired water - not without very very long ropes - and a long siege could have been thirsty work!

I once toyed with the idea of buying a small villa in these parts and running bass fishing trips, here or elsewhere - the lake has good bass and carp fishing - and a few do flyfish it. And maybe someday I will do just this, either here, or another - as yet - undiscovered lake in the hills. But for now it's just a nice place to visit. It's great to know that there are places on the planet like this and forever may it remain so.


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