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Ronan's report

Friday December 15th, 2006

The Perfect Woman
  • She must be gorgeous, sexy, breathtaking and "Whoa my God!" good looking SheepGirl.

  • It is not necessary for her to be clever, but if she can speaking couple of Languages and if she has Ph.D or Master degree in microbiology or nuclear sciences, it will be very, very appreciated.

  • She can talk only as per your permission, meanwhile she must keep her mouth shut.

  • She must be bloody good in the cuisine; actually she must know to cook all that lovely meals exactly like your own Mother.

  • She must be very good in the bed, non-stop willing and nasty and better than any other sweet SheepGirl on the World.

  • She has to be a virgin.

  • She must be in love only with you.

  • The Perfect Rod
  • It must be bloody good looking, beautiful rod, constructed from the best materials and cosmetics one can find.

  • It must be soulful, sensitive and responsible piece of art in your hands, perfectly doing everything before you even start thinking on that.

  • It must be enough powerful and stiff to carry full WF line in the air, but still light and pleasant for all day casting.

  • It must be fast like a snake, with perfect balanced action through all the sections -from top to the butt, no any bouncing, must be completely vibration free, dead dampening machine.

  • Accuracy, delicate presentations, Rolls, Speys must be like that to make only smile on your face.

  • Turnover with 25' leader or with heavy nymphs in the wind must make more smiles on your face.

  • Fighting a fish with 7x tippet? Piece of cake, sensitive tip and progressive action will done all the job, don't worry, even if it has a lots of back bone for fighting big fish with 0X tippet.

  • Rod Weight, don't kidding me, say for 9' #5 everything more than 2 ¼ oz is not a perfect rod.

  • It must produce so tight and pointed loops, that you must buy new special high-speed frame per second camera to capture those beautiful loops for your memories.

  • Balance? Don't kidding me again, it is balanced as a Perfect Woman's ass.

  • ______________________________

    So, you probably want to ask me where one can find such a Perfect Rod?

    It's very easy, but as a First, you should to find Perfect Woman. Every such a Woman has at least one Perfect Rod! Just ask her.

    Good Luck !

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