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Ronan's report

Wednesday 18 December, 2013

During the past week we still had very good fishing for pike. Then at the beginning of the weekend the weather wasn't too well (and changed to some degree) causing most pikes to slow down their activity. Unfortunately I had a student of mine arriving exactly Friday morning (after the weather change) and then fishing with me until Sunday 2pm. During Friday and Saturday he did not get a single strike. So I had to make a very serious (extra) plan for Sunday morning.

The schedule then was set to be:

5:00am stand up

05:30am leaving the house

06:30am arriving with car

06:30-08:00am fast walking by foot thru a significant wilderness area

08:00-08:30am taking a breath and having a breakfast until sunrise

08:30am sunrise at the hot spot

08:31am first cast (and strike)

13:00pm last cast

15:00pm arriving at the car

16:00pm arriving at the house

16:15 all stuff packed and leaving to the airport

19:15pm arriving at the airport (after a fast drive)

20:30 take off

22:00 back home looking at a picture of the (successfully released) pike

A tough schedule. Long (and really fast) walk by foot and an even longer (and really fast) drive by car back to the airport.

The spot is a spot I only tend to fish once (maybe twice) a season. Usually I will fish it in case the one client did not catch anything. That happens once maybe twice during the (pike) season mostly. Yet I never saw anyone else but me and one of my best friends fishing that spot. And no doubt it's exactly that what makes it quite catchy!

To keep it short: Me and my client had a blast: We landed an incredible - I don't even know exactly - 30? pikes! Some of them upto 1m in length. Outstanding fishing. 10 casts = 7 strikes consistantly. Two days later now my client just called me up: "I am just starting to realize HOW fantastic that day was to me!"

Well what can I say? It's those moments making my life fantastic. Sharing such great days with other fly fishers is the best I can think of.

All my best and such a fantastic fishing day to all of you, too!


p.s.: The first cast is always the best cast and yes, I again proved it to be that way at 08:01am as was set in our schedule!

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