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Ronan's report

Sunday April 27th, 2008

The trout season is just getting going up in the northern hemisphere. The olive hatch should be at its peak in central Scotland, and the March brown should be going good on the rivers where they are to be found in any numbers. Bob Morton, Ken Currie, Pyko, Al Greig and a few of the Scottish lads on the board will be out there come rain or shine - mostly rain. Magnus and the salmon boys will be prowling the banks of the Ness and Spey with their fifteen foot rigs for the first of the May springers and those big early sea-trout. Eric and the guys out in the western States, Alberta and B.C. will be enjoying that beautiful window between ice-out and the snow pack run off - although this is also the time of year for a real shit-kicker of a blizzard, which can screw things up for a while.

Down here in paradise, we're fishing the last week of the regular season. I'll be hooking up with Chris Dore and John Dean down on the Mataura for a couple of days. Next week it's the opening of duck season, so the river is closed to fishing for the weekend. It's a friendly arrangement between anglers and shooters - but most of the anglers will be out for the ducks anyway. After next week, we'll shift operations down river, where the river remains open for the rest of the year. There are still great hatches going, and the chance for some sea-runners. Then I'm going to check out the estuaries on some of these larger South island streams. Lot's to do. The work is piling up out there.

Then I've only got a couple of weeks before I head off for northern Saskatchewan for a big ice-out pike trip. This looks to be a lot of fun. As far as we know the lake we're fishing hasn't been fly-fished before. If it has, only been once or twice by guided fly-in anglers. I'm putting together a bunch of big pike patterns to try out. I know dick about fly fishing for pike, so if you guys have any ideas for killer pike flies, post them on the board.


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