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Ronan's report

Wednesday 27th June, 2012

I know this may come as a surprise for those of you who were expecting something else, maybe a disappointment even; He doesn't have a silver beard or golden tits, true - and if you were to sing psalms to him, he may very well shoot you, and with good reason. But today, after fixing my gate, Peter told me he was God and who am I to argue? I have a new gate. God made it.

As you can see in fact, from today's POD entry, I've been very busy. I not only have a new gate - appearing as part of The Creation - but also a new fence (which Tibby, Paul and God made), new steps (God and Paul), a functioning alarm system (Paul - God was mysteriously absent) and a replacement solar panel (God and Tibby). Basically it's all happening.

The reason this is all happening, is not because we're particularly hard-working well-adjusted people, especially God, but instead because the Drava is high and dirty. Were the River Drava to be low and clear then I very much doubt whether any of this would have happened - instead I'd be fishing with God and various angels. So I don't think Peter is God. The search continues...

Incidentally I've just bought some new land, I'll be digging casting ponds here soon. Maybe God can arrange an earthquake and save me hiring the JCB? Bazdmeg!


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