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Ronan's report

Wednesday 04 December, 2013

During the past 7 days I kept on fly fishing for pike and (coastal) Sea trout. Pike fishing right now is at it's best. We caught upto >40 pikes per day and there wasn't a single day without at least some pikes being caught. Some good ones inbetween.

The best thing about catching many pikes in a day is, that those days allow me to try a lot of different strategies, while getting a serious (reproductable) answer immediately. I vary my flies in colour, silhouette, size and action (weight and weight distribution). Also I vary my retrieve a lot (fast, slow, medium, steady retrieve, varying retrieving speed). Then I try different lines (everything from floating to fast sinking) and leaders as well.

During the past years I have learnt a lot about fly fishing strategies for pike, but still there is a lot left to learn! Many anglers do believe that a pike is feeding (and then is easily catchable) or not (and then not being catchable). Well, I think it is very difficult (maybe inpossible) to provoke a non feeding pike to take our fly. But I also know, that it is very easy to retrieve a fly in a wrong way in front of a feeding pike without getting the take!

I may offer some more strategies at the end of this season. Right now am still testing new strategies and first of all need to confirm the results.

Hopefully all of you are having some proper fishing near by at this time of the year, too. Man, I couldn't live without that!

Have to go sleeping now. Tomorrow we will fish for pike again. Today we invited a perfect Sea trout for dinner and released a few more - great (catching) day!

All my best


p.s.: Next Wednesday I will offer an update about the AAPGAI.

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