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Ronan's report

Tuesday 25th November, 2008

Start of the week, on Monday we’ve been through a sort of test. Each of us were with 2 exterminators at a time during 20 minutes. I had to describe 10 slides of different fishing situations. With childrens, disable, older people, fishing with one or more people. Talk about what if I was a guide, what will I be looking for. (about security, fishing, dangers, positions, moral stuff….) The aim was to see if you're not too focused on something particular due to your previous experiences, or jobs, or just to know if we already have the minimum professional capacities which will enable us being in an educational situation.

The examination took all days for the exterminators, and during the rest of the day we’ve practice or discover for the most of us fly tying!! Yeah, here you stop reading and you start thinking. Mmm Surprising!

Anyway, 4 of us fly fish! ONLY ahhhh! I'm really surprise that even if the course is for all types of fishing, I mean we’re learning everything here (spinning, trolling vertical fishing carp,….and more) but, that’s surprising. And I m the only “on the fly” guy.:(( But I'm lucky enough, they all are great guys. Anyway so we tied and we went casting, just at the back of the school. I went though a few basics with 4 of my class mates all the afternoon. It was my first time casting at school. It is pretty cool!!

On Tuesday, we’ve tied knots, droppers, shocking tippets, spoke about Fishing lines resistances, difference, advantages costs, conditioning….. We talk as well about rods and reels, we' ve fixed a few rings on a blank…;

On Tuesday, we had somebody from the youth and sport ministry. He talk about this course from his minister point of vu, and about fishing with young people and regulations in France. On Wednesday, pff hard work juridical statues, and acounting all dayyyyyyyyyyyy long. On Friday we went throught the Canadian guided referential. mm interesting

I showed you last week the French one, here's the Canadian one:

A- Formation

  1. To posses the preconditions
  2. Learn about salvage fauna
  3. know the complementary courses

B- Professionalism

  1. Be professional
  2. Define tourism
  3. Use technics of communication
  4. Maintain good relationship with the customer

C- Security and survival

  1. Observe security consign
  2. Use bush and survival technics

D- Preparation of the trip

  1. 1 To prepare for the trip

E- Coordination of the trip

  1. Use and maintain of the equipment
  2. Help the customer to catch and keep the fish
  3. Be able to explain and make your customer release the fish
  4. There is no 4
  5. Be able to organize a meal on the river bench
  6. minimise impacts
  7. Know how to behave with the others users of the aquatics systems
  8. Preserve the benefit of the customer
  9. Take pictures and make videos
  10. Coordinate the activities of the end of the day.

F End of the trip

  1. To accomplish the duties related to the end of the trip.

G Laws and working contracts

  1. Respect laws
  2. Modalities of work

What do you think?

And finally on Friday, we worked on our training common period. Yeah this thing is looking really cool too!! In June we have tree weeks of fishing all together with some professionals. So during the week we had to think about a solution to find a place to stay. We know that will be in le JURA, will be 11, 10 cars,2 or 3 boats. will be fishing all technics, with live baits as well…blablabla, you know big moving stuff!

We had reflexions on all the needs besides to cost, locations and plenty of things. In a way we re learning to organize a fishing camp, where will be learning technics.

Euh my teacher find me a French book , sort of an directory, with directions of any venture related to fishing like reservoirs, guides, fisheries, fabrics and bait retailers, shops, taxidermist, fishing federations and fishing lodges in France and over sea which is great cause I m looking for a training period. And I know it is not easy to find a good one.

So does anyone can help clip here! If any of you have connexions you never know…..

Thanks dudes.


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