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Ronan's report

Sunday October 8th, 2006

Eric sent me a message yesterday, said he cut his FP short. Thought he was getting too sentimental and sappy. So, I'll do it for him. This is the time of year for it, after all. The sentimental season is upon us. Autumn is here. Thanksgiving is coming up, Christmas is just a couple months away. We'll all be trying to be where we really want to be, and if we are lucky we'll be among friends. Most of you in the northern hemisphere will be pondering the end of another trout season and hunkering down for the winter. Some of you will have grayling or salmon fishing on your mind, or maybe a trip to some warm destination. Paul is making his way to New Zealand about now. He often refers to the South Island as 'home', even though he spends most of his life travelling all over the place, living in his truck, but we know what he means.

This is a big year for me. I'm jacking the job in Scotland and heading south myself. For good. Scotland has been good to me for twenty years, but I'm saying adios. I'll certainly miss my pals here, but they all promise to come down to New Zealand to fish with me. My partner is in Western Australia, and I'm planning on meeting her in Sydney and flying to Dunedin to pick up my truck. We'll get squared away in our bolt-hole in Central Otago for Christmas and the best of the trout season. Like Paul, I think of the South Island as home. It's got into me in a really deep way, a funny kind of old timey, nostalgic feeling. It feels like southern Alberta did way back in the sixties for some reason, although it's certainly up to date in the ways that most people think are important. I understand the pull it has on Paul. The fishing is great, no question, but there's more to it.

(couple pictures over on the PoD)


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