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Ronan's report

Sunday June 5th 2011

The hopper bobbled in the disturbed water. Another fish had evidently come up to look at the fly and decided better of it at the last moment. We say the water "boils", but really it just swirls upwards and creates a cauliflower-like texture on the surface. Saying the water boiled, though, is probably quicker and definitely more dramatic than "the water cauliflowered"

I'm not keen on cauliflowers, but I'm even less keen on fish that come up and refuse at the last minute. And I'm even less keen than that, when the bobbling fly in question is one my nephew has just cast out on his first ever fishing trip.

I think I'm meant to be in charge so the pressure's on a bit. You know how it goes, "Uncle Will will take you fishing, you're bound to catch something!"

So I'm sitting here with Roddy and trying some kind of Vulcan mind-meld to will a trout on to the end of line. After weeks of howling gales today is weirdly still, and we're staring at a glassy surface, punctuated occasionally by head-and-tailing trout, and the aforementioned cauliflower.

We've had a couple of near-misses. One fish took the fly and charged off at max. speed as Roddy tightened equally quickly in the other direction. Ping!

The other near-miss was my fault, although quite spectacular if I do say so myself. Roddy had cast out, and I thought I'd try a quick cast out to the side. Roddy nicely tightened into a taking fish just as my back cast came over his rod; my fly caught his rod, neatly jerking the hook out of the fish. Excellent. "It takes years of practise and commitment to make that kind of thing happen Roddy, and you're seeing it on your first ever trip!"

I think I may have got away with it.

Stay calm, look professional, and secretly start trying the Vulcan mind-meld thing.

Looking down the bank, I see Dad's caught one. That's pretty cool. He's in his eighties now and still keen as mustard. So there are three generations of the family fishing today and I think that's almost definitely a first for us right there.

I caught a couple of fish earlier on, so now we just need Roddy to get one for the baton to be well and truly handed on to the next generation.

"Look Roddy, another cauliflower. Cast over there - quick!"


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