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Ronan's report

Wednesday July 5st, 2006
Versión en español

This is a very interesting area to which I belong as both a customer and writer.
In general and except for a very few exceptions the average Spanish magazine reader doesn't read magazines. They just flip through the pages looking at the photos, reading captions, titles of articles, some text boxes and some very short paragraphs. That's all. It doesn't make any difference whether the article is elaborate or totally empty of relevant content.

Spanish fishing magazines do not sell because of the quality of their articles and professionalism of their collaborators (they would all shut down tomorrow). They sell because they have eye-catching covers with titles and photos that make you want to know where you have to go and what has to be done to catch that spectacular fish. We fishermen are that childish and naive.
They sell because they give away things for free. All kinds of things. Because through their layout, photo quality and typography, the reader gets immersed in a world of illusion and enchantment normally outside all reality but strongly desired by him. That is, what in the end, a fishing magazine really sells: illusion and hope. Not bad. Magazines which are able to deliver that hope and enthusiasm in the most attractive way and closest to reality are the ones that succeed.

Tomorrow, San Fermin. If you decide to come to Pamplona, get in contact with me and I will show you something much more exciting than bulls.


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