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Ronan's report

Monday 19th April, 2010

This is going to be a quick FP from Haysie's Conclave in Tasmania. It's been a fantastic weekend, of fishing, casting and tying classes from many of the finest instructors in Australia. We've had around 40 pupils, I gave two classes - one on single handed Speys and the other on fishing distance casting, on each day.

Congratulations to the four new Australian CCIs: Sean, Don, Chris and Wayne.

Many of us have been casting well into the night, with all sorts of interesting tackle - 2 weights to 14 weights. There has been indoor, outdoor and interplanetary casting competitions. One night I shared a tent with two Australians (that was an interesting experience - not least because they were both men!).

Anyway, it's been a wonderful meeting. We're winding down today and Hairy has driven down from the mountains to catch up, cast and we may even chase a fish or two.

Tomorrow I'm back in NZ. If you're waiting for an email then it's all about to happen! Hopefully we can get the freshwater Darwin fishing show finished for SLTV from there too. I'll piece together a show from this gathering shortly.


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