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Ronan's report

Thursday February 8th, 2007

I'm not entirely sure that there is a theme this week, but Paul talked about The Royal FuckUp, and Magnus talked about why fish eat flies - even the ones that aren't supposed to be eating.

Bob will probably give me some heat for this, but I know why (most of) the fish I catch fish eat my flies, apart from the fact that they're super-sexy (the flies), and that's because they think they *can* eat them, and live on it too!

And this is where Bob will probably enter :-). See, I mostly fish flies that looks like something trout eat. And if it looks like something they eat, they'll eat it!

So, when does a fly look like something a trout will eat - to the trout that is? Well, when they eat it of course! And what does that tell me? It tells me that trout will take almost anything that passes by their noses, if the presentation is good - and you know it is when the trout eats your fly!

Incidentally, that's why you have to be a good flycaster to know of your flies work - if you can't put them in front of the fish (or to the side, if that's what it takes), you'll never know if you're a good flytier.

Talk about logic going in circles :-).

None the less, I caught 5 seatrout last Saturday on three different flies of which one is what I'd call a realistic imitation of a fish, one was a big, brown palmerfly and the last was a pink and white job, which looks like nothing a trout has ever seen before! Which just goes to show that all of the above is bollocks - or not? Who knows???

Have a nice day!
Viking Lars.

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