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Ronan's report

Monday November 21st, 2010

I had expected to be in NZ by now, not because I had made any particular plans to be so, but simply because I normally am at this time of year. I'm doing something different however - "never do the same thing once" - and I won't be in Reefton this weekend, as previously announced. Now I know that a few of you are going to be there - drop me an email and I'll pass on the better access points. There's some fantastic fishing to be had at this time of year.

For those of you who do meet up, there is the perfect casting field at the campground and a flytying room which doubles up as a rather large kitchen. The pub in the middle of town has a pool table and serves meals later than anyone else, but don't count on getting a late meal there because you won't! It's not an off-license either, so buy your booze in the supermarket before you head out.

The Old Breadshop backpackers is run by a mad keen angler - who is slightly mad as well as being a friendly chap. There's free Internet, a washing machine, a wood stove and the rooms are cheap. It's pretty much only anglers who stay there, so you're in good company. Down the road at Slab Creek, there's a free camp spot where you can light a fire of immense proportions. This is where we had Christmas two years back and is a good place for bombs.

And of course Reefton was the first town in NZ to get electric street lighting. It still works.

I'm sitting in my Hungarian log cabin and it's raining. Which is a little bit disappointing because I was half-expecting snow by now. There's no snow, no ice, how am I supposed to go ice-fishing and sledging at Latohead? Everyone says it's going to change and a cold winter is coming, but so far no snow. I'm chopping wood and preparing for it but to no avail.

I'd like to go Hucho fishing in the Balkans, but that's only really supposed to be good when it's cold. Ronan may be coming over and so if he does we'll head down together. An SLTV show of winter flyfishing for Hucho in Serbia has got to be done I feel.

Here in Hungary there are some good fishing options, if the Drava drops it should be great for Asp, there are many pike lakes around (I've just driven a small boat over from the UK for this purpose) and Hungary has some very large Zander. All of which means big socks.

Lots happening this weeek. Snapcast out today.
Cheers, Paul

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