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Ronan's report

Wednesday 12 December, 2012

In Germany as well as in probably most European countries we have had a lot of discussions about "catch and release" and its pros and cons.

Those who do not like any forms of angling at all often tried to define catch and release as being something really bad. They think of it as following the guideline "catching TO release ALL fish that will be caught NO MATTER what the circumstances might look like".

Personally I agree that this would never be a good guideline to follow.

For me catch and release is a wonderful thing. There are many aspects I love about fly fishing. Catching a fish often marks a very special moment in between all this wonderful aspects during my angling days. Releasing the fish that has given me the honor of such a great moment simply makes me feel good. When I feel the live coming back to the fish and see him running of my hands it makes me very happy.

But there is another side to me, too:

If I don't feel a fair chance to survive for the fish (because for example it was significant injured by hooking damage or the fight took too long) I would never release any fish. Instead I would keep it for eating. To me this is also a form of respect to our fish as well as releasing it if sensible.

I hope that one day we all will agree that it always should be the single angler's decision if he or she wants to release a fish or not. It can only be the single angler who knows all important details of each single situation to make the best decision. Personally am also fine with those who simply want to keep a fish for eating but don’t like people keeping more than ONE good fish in a day and maybe TWO in a week (also depending a little on the stock).

Besides that I hope that most anglers will discover the same feeling I have when releasing a fish while having a fair chance to survive.

I will keep on trying to bring this feeling to as many anglers as possible as long as I will be fishing. Well, that will probably be till the end of my very last day.

I wish all of YOUR fish the best and may the good change to survive always be with them!

Nice dinner to those who keep ONE fish for eating.

I wish all of you a serious take!

p.s.: No need to say: Regardless of your purpose you indeed should always fish barbless single hooks!

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