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Ronan's report

Tuesday February 27th, 2007

Go fishing in a clear stream, take a little time to watch the territoriality of brown trout. Look for the most aggressive resident, the trout in the best feeding lie, the trout who gets angry when a Paul-trout most unreasonably invades his space. Trout property is the river space a trout wants, his because he can protect his section of river, his because he needs it to survive and thrive.

Write a book or make a DVD, publish and sell it; a neat way to earn a few dollars with which to survive and thrive? It's intellectual property and is rendered more or less worthless when books are copied or bootleg DVD's are ripped and burned and no royalties paid to the person who made the effort to write or film.

Scarcity and effort are the two classic justifications of property. But let's leave them alone.

As a kid I did what kids did then. We went fishing, of course. In this part of the world it's really trout and salmon fishing, not a lot of other freshwater fishing. Finding places to fish was easy: ask a farmer - free: join a local club - £6 per year (now £40): fish without permission (aka poaching) - don't get caught. If you lived out of the city, near a river all that was easy. For kids who live in the right places it still is, if they want it and have parents who'll let them play near rivers.

As an adult, fishing costs more. A day on a good trout water around here costs from £7 per day And when I say good, the River Don is said to be one of the best freestone trout streams in Europe.

Can't say I grudge that, it's my sport, my pleasure - petrol for the drive to the river costs more.


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