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Ronan's report

Wednesday 23rd April, 2008

Once again, the fly tying Forum is buzzing, provoking some foolishness on my part, appearing in at least two of this weeks FPs (today and Monday), and hopefully inspiring some of you to dust off the old kit and put those forgotten feathers to good use.

This is Sexyloops, so back to the foolishness.

Jo has some forgotten golden pheasant body feathers and started a thread looking for patterns on which to use them. A few were mentioned, including the Usk Grub. Somewhere on there I opened my big mouth and now I'm in a Golden Pheasant body feather tying competition with Roy, Lee, and Joesnuffy (who broke the news last week that his name isn't really Joe).

Roy promised to go easy on us.

I'm just hoping that I don't embarrass myself and end up resorting to blurry photos.

Here's my first entry in the contest. My golden pheasant inspired version of the "Fall Favorite", a summer run steelhead classic. What about sea trout? You've just gotta love the subtle-yet-powerful color of natural, undied feathers, and the inherent bugginess they bring to any fly.

Edited by Matt

Lars hasn't officially joined the contest, but I expect him to.

If only there was a new bag at stake.


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