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Ronan's report

Saturday, 30th May 2009

It appears that we are expecting another Viking today and so I'm filling in for Lars. Congratulations Lars; the world can never have too many Vikings! It's been quite a week of births at Sexyloops - over here in Hungary, on Monday, Cherry gave birth to a baby bathroom called "Rambo the Jacuzzi". Which was very exciting I can tell you.

That little episode managed to curtail my fishing slightly, heavy rain didn't help much either, and on Wednesday I rearranged my flytying gear, put it in order and basically sorted out the wheat from the chaff. Which would have been fine, but for the fact that last night some bastard from the dregs of humanity broke into the Jimny and pinched the wheat and a chainsaw.

So Hungarians, this is your President speaking, if you see a blue and white flytying kit offered for sale on the Internet or in a dodgy tackleshop, with Vosseler Vice, thousands of Partridge hooks, a box of seals fur, golden pheasant, grizzle hackle road kill and the complete makings for several hundred RFUs, please let me know so I can claim it back! Thanks!!!

Tonight - here it's Friday afternoon - I'm invited, ironically enough, to a flytying party at Peter the Pig Hunters. I'm only surprised that there's not a chainsaw after-party on the Saturday. Still what can you do? I'll be taking along my forceps and a handful of grubhooks. The show must go on and it's time to build the SexyKit. Interestingly I promised myself that I'd never buy another cape, so it's foam all the way from now on baby. A revolution in flytying. The Suspender RFU. A complete departure from hackles. Bring on the kit-free world of flytying. Experience true liberation with just a handful of hooks and a bobbin of thread. Everything you see is a potential fly just waiting to happen....

Cheers, Paul

~ excellent stuff on the Board by the way!

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