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Ronan's report

Sunday April 3rd 2011

A fly fisher needs to know the lifecycle of the thing he's imitating:

Egg to nymph:

Born at the bottom, an innocent swept into life's currents, clinging to nearest comfort; struggling and ignorant, but perfectly built and with promise.

First instar:

Bigger now, the first flush of youth cast off. More confident in body and with a sense of what might be. Alternately darting and clinging. Leaving the comfort of home for longer and longer, making a way in life.

Second to Fourth instar:

Yet bigger, and more confident, but the same - is this what life's about? Strange inkling that there's more. Successful but without grace and connection.

Last instar:

Inner change. Time to leave the past where it belongs. Reach upwards - there's more to this. Bursting! Now breathe.

Sub Imago:

Leave the suit behind. And stretch. Tentative waving of arms as the blood rushes to fingertips. Clumsy and tottering in excitement. Bouncing across the river and fields and river again. Towards the trout.


Grace, delicacy and control, drifting upstream. Focused, nothing else matters. This is it. Rings and reflections in the falling light.

Closer to the water, where it begins and ends.

Arms outstretched in a final effort.

I cast.


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