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Ronan's report

Thursday June 21st, 2007

Sun Ring

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, look up, way up. It's the sun up there at its highest. At Stonehenge I'm sure the shadow of some rock is lining up with some other rock, and at other ancient structures all over the earth pinches of light are beaming at far marks, bisecting spirals and illuminating ancient passages. Today's the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Basically, before we were all shut up inside with artificial suns, before global communications networks, everyone worldwide realized it was a good day to celebrate and throw a big party.

My day will be about 15 hours long, not as long as further north (the day will be just as long a month from now when hit Alberta), but still gives me plenty of time to get on the water. My late evening hatch is a pale flurry of caddis. The last month has been great fishing almost everywhere around me. Everything was lit up at once with no way I could hit it all, one of the greatest times I've had. But with a hot dry summer settling in, quickly falling water levels, and about a zero chance of rain for the next couple months, the reckless feeding will slim. I'll be searching for cool waters and watching the white dry rocks squeeze in and hoping for the best while keeping my eye out for smoke. Tomorrow night, I'll be sitting on the tail gate at 10 having a Guiness as I watch the moon drift by with its bright Jupiter dropper. Zoran, if your page is late, you know why.

To our southern brothers and sisters, you can rejoice too. We're sending the sun back down toward the flipside and soon enough it'll be back to warm you.

Cheers, Eric

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