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Ronan's report

Wednesday 02 January, 2013

“You should have been here last week!”

“Next week will be better for sure!”

Have you ever heard one of these or maybe similar statements during a week in which you almost or indeed didn’t catch a single fish?

I guess you have! I think we all have been in this situation. I remember those weeks in Salmon fishing when the water level was very low and almost no Salmons were moving from pool to pool. Or I remember when the famous Steelhead River was almost completely blown out. Not to forget the Baltic coast offering me almost nothing but huge waves and totally muddy water all week long.

Most of us have (what I call) a “normal job and family live” leaving no more than one or maybe two weeks of travelling for fishing per year. Yeah Paul, I can hear you asking “HOW that is possible?”, but for most fly fishermen this is (what they call) real life.

There is one thing I have realized during the last years while running fishing trips for quite a lot of my students. Many of them hope all year long to hit the perfect conditions in THEIR (one or two) yearly fishing trip(s). Of course that rarely happens, because we simply do not often have perfect conditions in fishing! Quite many of us then start thinking (not to say: dreaming) of a week offering better conditions on their next trip.

This is very interesting to me! If I would have just one week a year, here is what I always would do:

Forget about what may has happened the week before or what may happen the week after my trip. Instead keep fishing until the trip is over. From my own experience I can assure you: “It’s not over until it’s over.” I think it was Rocky Balboa who said this?

But you know, fishing those non-perfect-condition weeks sometimes can be a bit like a tough fight! And I also agree with Rocky, who said: “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

I could fill a book with (true) fishing stories in which I caught the one fish which saved my trip during the last five MINUTES of my last day while fishing against tough conditions. If I had to go back to work on Monday this was Sunday always!

Of course fishing also should be relaxing, helping to get away from the normal job live. In my experience those weeks in which I caught the one fish during the last five minutes always were very relaxing for the next WEEKS (sometimes even much longer)!

Maybe this could be an interesting thought for you, too - when planning your next fishing trip?

I hope I could give you inspiration to never give up catching your fish before you really have to.

Remember it might always be the fish of a life time you may catch – even if you feel the conditions to be completely wrong!

Great trips 2013 to all of you!


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